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What is Project Interdimensional?

Project Interdimensional is an attempt. It is communicating and making thoughts, images, and memories somewhat concrete. Putting things out into the world, emotions from certain people who don’t have the same access. Putting people out into the world, presenting their lives unvarnished, in all their detail. These lives may be unsavory, heart-breaking, or heart-warming—but they are all one thing: heartfelt.

Who are these people?

Please visit the ‘Cast’ post for profiles, or click under the ‘Profiles/Memes’ tag.

Can I ask them questions?

Of course. Feel free to comment with questions, thoughts, or for clarifications.

What the heck is ‘interdimensional’?

Interdimensional is as to the interdimensions, which link universes to each other to form one enormous multiverse. The interdimensions are between worlds and act as a sort of connection. Parts of it are composed of misty gray corridors, and other parts of it like any other world, with towns, cities, shopping malls, people, etc.

Is this a story?

No. Not any more than life is a story. But since you can consider life in and of itself a story, and as there are events, backgrounds, pasts, and progressive changes, feel free to consider it a story if you’d like.

Who the heck are you?

You may call me Diane. I merely act as a communicator for the people. A transmitter, passing on these words that have nowhere to go.
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