Mar. 18th, 2012

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“Re~e~ach for the sta~rs,” he sings as his fingers dance over the ivory, “No matter how fa~ar~” tilting his head back as though he can see them. “Someday they’ll fa~ll, end withal…” An almost wistful smile on his face, a sparkling in his eyes as he hits the last reverberating note with his pinkie.

Then he takes his hands away from the piano, smiling towards your gentle clapping. “Odd song, isn’t it? A touch morbid~” The smile is beautiful, absolutely happy, eyes closed and tail tip waving gently…

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We’re the only ones here who haven’t lost anything. Isn’t it a little unfair? Chesh is broken; Bel’s obviously had things happen to it before; Jervin’s died. Loki’s jaded and bitter and betrayed; I’m sure Annette has bad things in her past, too.

We’re so lucky. Living charmed lives...

We’re kind of oblivious, aren’t we? To all their pain... is it selfish to want to have experienced it, just so that we can relate? Or is it better that we haven’t, because we can smile and look forward so innocently, so oblivious, pull them into the light because we don’t know these things, don’t know of those things...

I don’t know.

I guess... it’s just the best we can do, to be optimistic and happy and support them, to just... be here for them. Just... to do what we can, no matter how little.


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