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You recognize him immediately. Instantly. “…Elijah? Elijah!”

And you throw yourself at him, and he catches you and holds you almost painfully tightly, spinning with momentum and you’re laughing in spite of the tears in your eyes, clinging to him equally tightly, until he stops, sets you down those scant inches on your feet and you just stare at each other, drinking in the sight—you’re lost in eyes the color of the night until he says, “You look strange, dressed as a man.”

And you laugh, laugh again, your heart swelling almost to bursting with twenty years’ worth of love overwhelming a hundred of separation.

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Leaning forward, fingers gently on his chest, lean up and kiss him.

Just softly. Just gently. Because this is—

And then pull away, and he raises an eyebrow. Grey-silver. “You’re not the first student to do that.”

Breathlessly, pink and yet almost joking, serious and playful at the same time. “I don’t care.”

Roll eyes, smile a bit, wrap an arm around your waist, pull you close into a kiss again.

[Just affection, really. Not romantic. But you don’t care.]

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“Re~e~ach for the sta~rs,” he sings as his fingers dance over the ivory, “No matter how fa~ar~” tilting his head back as though he can see them. “Someday they’ll fa~ll, end withal…” An almost wistful smile on his face, a sparkling in his eyes as he hits the last reverberating note with his pinkie.

Then he takes his hands away from the piano, smiling towards your gentle clapping. “Odd song, isn’t it? A touch morbid~” The smile is beautiful, absolutely happy, eyes closed and tail tip waving gently…


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