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Light-bulbs are totally awesome and everybody should have them in their house. Light-bulbs equal ideas and if you have tons of light-bulbs around then you’ll get tons of ideas. What’s that, you say? People already HAVE light-bulbs all over the place in their houses? Well, they need to get more! Of course. I mean, duh.

…yes. Light-bulbs. People need light-bulbs We ALL need light-bulbs. Light-bulbs are brilliant, don’cha know. And in more ways than one. Do you know all the THINGS you can do with a light-bulb? …well, maybe you don’t wanna go there. But some people have a burn fetish.

What? How’d we go from light-bulbs to fetishes? I have no idea, isn’t it awesome?

Fetishes are awesome too~ Wanna hear some of the latest ones I’ve heard, huh huh?


Aw, you people are so boring… who doesn’t want to hear about fetishes? I mean, aren’t we all subconsciously focused on sexytimes anyway and Fru—Fre—Freud was right? Huh?


Argh, you’re all so BORING… I should go talk to the Idea Beast or Jervin or Loki… they’ll at least listen… even Bel is more interested in this stuff than the rest of them… Heh. Bel’s so cute and sweet and yet it’s so dirty at the same time~ Like two sides of the same coin.

…no wait, is that flip side? Flip—fluh—flew—bleh. Can’t say it. What, it’s hard to say these things! …hard. Heh. Annette’s not gonna be happy about this~ But I don’t care~

Because I have light-bulbs! Yay!


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